The 10 Best Songs From High School Musical You Need To Listen To

High School Musical soundtrack

High school comes with its set of problems and challenges, but also with an excess of awkwardness, new acquaintances and lots of fun. High school also comes with a lot of awesome songs from a hit movie: High School Musical. Released in 2006 as a Disney Channel Original Movie and later as a soundtrack album, all the songs from this movie have become hits that are still listened to by people of all ages today. With catchy lyrics, interesting tunes, beautiful voices, and amazing dancers, the songs from the High School Musical movie are something that should be listened to again and again. Let’s look at the 10 best songs from this hit movie.

Top songs from High School Musical:

Final Words

If you love music, and you love Disney, then you have to listen to the songs from High School Musical. These songs are classics that deserve to be heard again and again. With amazing choreography and amazing voices, these songs are perfect for anyone to listen to. So next time you need some inspiration or a little fun, throw on these amazing songs from the High School Musical movie.

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