The Most Admired Characters from the Disney Channel Shows: An Analysis

Most Admired Characters from the Disney Channel Shows

The Disney Channel is home to some of our most beloved characters. From Mickey Mouse to the New Kids on the Block – Okay, that might be a slight stretch – There are so many memorable characters that have graced the small screen in shows like “and the New Kid” and “That’s So Raven”. There are some who stand out more than others, though. When we think of these characters, their unique attributes immediately come to mind. Their idiosyncratic qualities are what set them apart from every other character we’ve seen before. To help you remember which character is which, we put together this list of our top admired characters from Disney channel shows.

Raven Baxter

First up on our list of most admired characters we have Raven Baxter from “That’s So Raven”. We’ve been watching Raven since 2003 when the series aired on the Disney Channel. From her psychic powers to her love of puns and poems – There’s a lot to admire about this character. Even though Raven is a psychic, she doesn’t always use her powers to benefit herself. More often than not, she’s using her powers to help someone else instead. She’s a very selfless character and is always looking out for others before herself. Raven’s love of poetry and puns are what make her who she is. It’s her quirk that we admire the most. No other character on the show is like her. She is one of a kind and so different from everyone else that we’ve loved her from day one.

Zack Martin

Next on our list is Zack Martin from “ Zack and Cody “. This character is by far one of the most adored on the Disney Channel. We first met him in 2005. Zack and his younger brother Cody were the stars of their own show. It was about two single parents who had to raise their kids together. Zack is one of the most dynamic characters ever created for the Disney Channel. He’s a prankster, an entrepreneur, and a shopaholic. Zack is always coming up with some new prank to pull on his brother. He’s always trying to invent the next best thing. He’s a very imaginative character. Zack’s shopaholic ways are also quite endearing. He’s always trying to buy the latest and greatest thing. Even though his shopaholic ways are a lot of fun, they’re also kind of annoying.

Kim Possible

Next on our list is Kim Possible from “Kim Possible”. This character is the definition of a hero. She’s super strong, intelligent, and a great role model for young girls everywhere. Kim is a teenage girl who is also a high school student and a world-renowned hero. Kim has saved the world from the evil Dr. Drakken and Shego numerous times. Her skills are far superior to any other high school teenager we’ve ever seen. She’s a role model to many. She’s always looking out for others, and she’s very hardworking.

Tip and Dash

Last, but certainly not least, is Tip and Dash from “Stuck in the Suburbs”. This duo is what we would call the perfect best friends. They’ve been BFFs since they could walk. They’re always there for one another and are nothing but supportive of each other. Tip and Dash are always trying to find new ways to earn money. They’re always coming up with new business ideas that just don’t seem to work out. They’re very creative characters, though. We admire the carefree and easygoing nature of these two. They have a very chilled out way about them. They’re always there for their friends, and they’re very loyal.

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